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Craft For Life

inspireCraft For LifecraftThe line between one’s hobby and one’s job is more often than not quite distinct, but there are those out there for which the two are one and […]

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Cushy Numbers

trendsCushy NumbersinteriorsNature lovers everywhere will be sitting pretty on these colourful cushions Llama cushionJohn Lewis, Arnotts€35 Otomi embroidered cushionMarks & Spencer€47.50 Habitat Topsy elephant pattern cushionArgos€11.99 ’This Bug’s Life’ cushionHarvey […]

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Book Club

listbook club bookOne benefit of lazy autumn days and lovely cosy evenings is having the opportunity to while them away with a good book. Pick from our fine selection and […]

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My Bags are packed …

breakMy Bags are packed …awayWe’re ready to go and everything is in our carry-on luggage. Don’t believe us? Our resident globe trotter, Jenny Harford, togs out for travel Lanzarote 1. […]

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LightingThe Great OutdoorsGardenWith a bracing freshness in the air everyone is making the most of the garden. Find the perfect ambiance for your outdoor space with these chic and cheerful […]

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BeautyScentualPerfumeFor those not quite ready to say goodbye to summer, Ivanna Moore presents her fragrance edit with scents of freshly cut grass, sun cream and pina coladas. Keep summer in […]

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Nuts & Seeds

All you need to know about …Nuts & SeedsFood StoreWith an ever increasing interest in eating more healthily and getting more plant-based protein into our diet, reducing the amount of […]

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